Peace (2)

I went on a good footing this morning training in the cedar trees, and thinking about press release things and the pilgrimage, and this was mused out, so i send it on.


Off the Grid and On The Ground,
Grinnin in the Soul Of Sound.

That is what i must do!
Or i will forget how to MOVE!

But How? How? do i Motivate?
It feels so much easier to Procrastinate.

I like sitting here in my chair.
Learning to ignore that i really care!

So, Why? Why? should i read your news.
And even more take off my shoes!

To Walk the Peace and have no War!
I would rather stay behind my locked door.

Who cares about an Old Woman out of a Shoe!
Greed flows easy when you don't know what to do.

So just feed me some broth and withold the bread,
Whip me soundly, i would rather sit dead!

I like staying here in my comfort zone.
It might not be healthy but it is my home.

For all the world is brought to here.
And you want me to step out and face my fear!

Listen Old Woman that is spreading the news!
I have worked hard to stay in my shoes.

I know how to denie your talk.
To be moved by machines and never walk.

And live in the consumers life of ease.
Why should i care if others appease!

Let others go and kill for greed.
Why should it matter i have my needs!

But i admit there might be some thing to lose.
If i do not get up and begin to move.

What? What? could that be?
Are you trying to say that i am not Free!

That all i have to do is sing a song.
And this will lead me to face the wrong.

Is this the first step that you are trying to bring.
To step into the ground and begin to sing!

To step outside and be part of the land!
To join with others in peace we stand!

YES, YES i understand now!
I will give up this life as a cow.

I will make the "EFFORT" on this day!
I will step out the door and try your way!

I am not sure or do i know why.
But i am sick and tired of living this lie.
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Sing Peace!

I believe that each and every one of us has a special calling and a unique role to play in this great emerging world. We will know it by our great desire and joy with embodying it. Some are brave and strong enough to answer this call with great passion and dedication. Dear Pushkara Sally Ashford is one of those people; a singing grandmother who wants nothing more than to make Peace on Earth a reality for her progeny and many generations to come. She is called to spread peace is through a pilgrimage of song, dance, communal gatherings and celebration in and around a beautiful hand made gypsy wagon that she designed to become a center-peace for SingPEACE gatherings and events in the Northwest and beyond.

This afternoon Pushkara; her son Dave visiting from Woodstock, NY; Mick Dodge the Barefoot Sense Say; Charlie the dog and I gathered to make song, dance and film at her new gypsy wagon. It is an exquisite work of art and so inspiring in the late afternoon sunlight at her home overlooking Puget Sound and Mt. Tahoma to the south. The wagon is parked next to a great grandmother Big Leaf Maple with a Buddha face peering out of its side. Below the tree is the grave of Pushkara's beloved dog, Miwa. It is truly a place of peace and
grace that I felt honored to dance upon. We began with the song "I'm On My Way" from the back of the wagon. This seemed so appropriate because
we all are pilgrims on our respective paths moving on our way toward Peace and Global Harmony. When asked what she would like to happen with
this pilgrimage she said she would like to encourage those she meets to find their own sources and stories of peace. Mick had brought out a number of his hand crafted staffs and training items and I danced with them while Pushkara sang, Uncle Dave drummed and Mick filmed and interviewed us. Such a joyous & peaceful way to celebrate this last day of winter together!

I will add another daily dance film we made with the grandmother maple tree to this post soon. For now I just want to get this first one out into the world asap because Pushkara & Co. are heading to a big peace rally in Seattle and an event with Congressman Jim Mcdermott at Town Hall in honor of her mother's lifetime of activism on Sunday 3/21...This is the maiden voyage for the SingPeace wagon to the big city. I wish them all the best and hope I can join them the next time round. For me, Sunday will be an Equinox celebration of pole dancing--to hopefully finish stripping thelast 11 poles for the new tipi.

What is your calling? What are inspiring sources and stories of Peace and Harmony in your life? Are dance, song, craft, beauty, travel and creative collaboration sources for peace in your life?

Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

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