SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace & Global Harmony

SingPeace! Pilgrimage

One Earth One Voice: sing around the world 12:21:12

Join the largest global choir and musical action day of healing for the Earth by joining One Earth. One Voice. on December 21. Our synchronized moment of song will take place:

Friday, December 21: 10pm GMT | 5pm EST | 4pm CST | 3pm MST | 2pm PST

Learn the song, download the music and spread the word:


Ise Oluwa is one of the most beloved songs of West Africa. We believe that’s true for a few reasons: one is the message of the translation, which we agree with deeply. The other is its beautiful, simple (that word again) melody, with so many possibilities for harmony.

Words: Ise oluwa, koley bajey o.
A (simple) phonetic pronunciation: eee-shea oh-lu-wah, koh-leh bah-jey-o.

Translation: That which Creator has made (or that which has been created) can never be destroyed.

When we teach this song to groups around the world, most are not experienced singers. We’re amazed at how quickly people learn the song – even the harmonies, which are beautiful. Whether you are a novice or a professional, we like to emphasize three basic principles:

Tune into our website: and our Facebook page (One Earth. One Voice.) to register to participate, and for updates.

Special thanks:
The Three Altos (music)
Chris Shaeffer (video production)

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