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Hey folks - Wondering about the possibility of adding a "Groups" feature, in particular so that the people who are members of the SingPeace NING site who were also at the Whidbey Island BePeace training can connect and discuss how they/we are using BePeace in our lives, our work, etc.


Admins, what do you think?


Thanks for considering it - Becca

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Comment by Michael Hurwicz on September 11, 2011 at 8:01pm
Hi Becca - I celebrate the intention behind your suggestion, and would love to participate in this sharing. However, I'm not clear on the advantages of doing it in a separate group, as opposed to, say, as a Forum discussion that everyone on the site could participate in. I'm thinking that the more activity there is that everyone can get involved in, the more we are going to build our community. But I don't really know much about Ning or Ning groups, and I'm open to being educated!
Comment by Pushkara Sally Ashford on September 6, 2011 at 11:26pm

Greetings and love Becca!

I like your idea of a "Groups page." At the moment, .ning has changed their policy. They charge for an upgrade in features. We may or may not stay with them???

Mike Hurwicz is in the process of revamping the SingPeace! website. He's going to establish a central website that will link us to all kinds of valuable resources, including the SingPeace! social networking site, BePeace, audios and events.

I've made Mike an Administrator. Would you like to be one, too? Than you could view the various applications and make suggestions? I'm all for collaboration, and so is Mike.

Julie has asked how musicians can share their music. .ning eliminated the audio and events functions when they insituted their new policies. We can either upgrade the .ning site, or move to another. I know of several good audio services that we can link to, as well.

I've spoken to Mike about Jeff Vander Clute whom we met last spring. He's a whizz at database creation - the kind you can sort and filter at will. Jeff is also a "peacenik," and very principled. When we're ready, I think he can help us develop and maintain a database. I'd love to see us become a truly interactive community!

I had a long conversation, tonight, with Mike. He'd like take this on as a project. No small offering! We're in good hands!

Let me know if and how you'd like to participate!

love and blessings,


Comment by Julie Vosboa on September 5, 2011 at 5:21pm

Great idea Becca. BePeace is also going to start a ning site for course participants later this week, so it's an idea who's time has come. People could join both. there anyway the SingPeace! musicians can share some of their music on this site? That would be cool.


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