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SingPeace! Pilgrimage

The Gypsy Wagon Heads for Occupy Seattle

The SingPeace! gypsy wagon should be at Westlake Park by noon on Sunday. If you want to join us, it would be good to be there around 11 a.m.

Pushkara went in today (Friday) to stay the weekend. The wagon made a foray into the area today to circle Occupy Seattle and be a “presence” there. Pushkara has been in the park talking to the Occupy folks while the wagon circles. We’re basically harmonizing with Occupy AND the police, getting them used to seeing us and the wagon down there. We do have a permit for Sunday, so both groups should be helping us to get into Westlake Park.

Pushkara posted a notice on the Occupy Seattle forum, receiving two emails back from people who love music and really want to sing with us. One contributed a song. We will have a few copies of that song, as well as Sharon Abreu’s “Give the People Back Their Homes.” (Maybe we could do a whole “Occupy Songbook” !) We also heard back from the Raging Grannies, who are interested in joining us. No other choir has responded, but we have hopes that we’ll have more singers.

We’ll be marching on Saturday, but we’re not taking the wagon down. Chances are the streets will be cordoned off. The sleeping situation for Occupiers at Westlake Park is very dicey. They are defying the order to move and encouraging 500 tents for Saturday night.

A heads up: there’s a game at the stadium on Saturday where they anticipate 60,000. Occupy Seattle is working out plans to be there. There may also be thousands in the march. Traffic may be at a standstill for hours.

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